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In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
Majlis Khuddammul Ahmadiyya Canada
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Do you know simple namaz
Do you know the translation of Namaz?
Do you know the translation of the Holy Qur'an?
Can you read the Holy Qur'an in Arabic (Nazra)
Have you read the the Holy Qur'an with translation at least once
How many prayers do you offer in a day?
How many Optional Fasts do you keep in a month?
How often you do you offer prayers at the Mosque / Namaz Center Monthly?
How many Friday prayers do you offer in Mosque / Namaz Center during a month?
How many Friday Sermons of Huzur (aa) do you listen to in a month?
Have you read a portion of the book of the Promised Messiah(as)
Did you attend an Ijlas `Aam?
Did you distribute Tabligh Literature / Flyers (Number please)?
Did you write a letter to Huzur (aa)?
How many days of the month do you recite The Holy Qur`an in a month?
Did you participate in any sports session this month?
Did you offer two Nawafil daily?
Have you completed one round of Holy Qur'an during month of Ramadhan
How many Fasts have you kept in the month of Ramadhan?
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